Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Everything we made to proclaim the message of hope, it's worth!This is the ninth consecutive year we did this program. This time our Director accompanied by five young Christian volunteers. We arrived to this place on Sunday 20 to Saturday 26 November.
This year the program was conducted on the building of Christ The Way Lutheran Church in cooperation of Efrain Carrillo who is in charged of CCCS scolarship program and an active member of this congregation. 10 volunteers of this church contributed  as well. Two journeys of this programs were develoving, in the morning with children from 3 to 9 years and in the afternoon with children from 10 to 17 years. Approximately 300 children participated, with the help of sisters of this congregation every day children tasted nutritive hot drink: incaparina. Tuesday and Thursday night there was a special program for 17 to 25 years. 34 young people attended, who received orientation and youth counseling. It was very encouraging to see young population in this group.  9 years ago when we started this program, they were just a litte children, Jazmin shared with us, "Before I met you and came to this program, my life had no meaning. Now I'm know that I am someone very special and valuable to God, I know He loves me and always take care of me, God bless you" Friday 25 at night we presented a Christian film for all age, approximately 125 people attended.Vacation Bible School ended on Friday 25 with a joyful celebration. Children from two journeys went out  to walk on the main road from the village singing "I am in the Train of The Good News", villagers witnessed with joy and wonder at the parade. For us it was very important that the children go out and share what God taught them this week.
We thank God for all the beautiful people who collaborated as a volunteers. CCCS brothers, thanks for the purchase of the milk used to prepare the Incaparina. We also appreciate the valuable assistance in translating Spanish / Uspanteco of brother Cristobal Carrillo from Lutheran Community Center.Our Director delivered 100 children's Bible courses Volume I and II brother Efrain Carrillo as material that can be used to provide Christian education to children wishing to attend on Sunday to the Church Christ The Way. Every day the children participated in this program, were invited to come to this Lutheran Church and receive this Bible course. We pray that God permits the growth of this congregation.Our Director CPLTN delivered on behalf of a certificate of recognition to all the volunteers who helped us in this program

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